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Connect + Love Momma Earth

Let's Get Earthy is a tip series that I started to show others that taking care of the planet + living more sustainably is something that can be fun, easy, and can in turn help benefit your life too! From going to the beach and picking up trash, to growing your own food or shopping locally, and unplugging off appliances when not in use - there are so many ways to help!


Humans are magnetic beings just like the planet/ natural world. To recharge our energy we can practice earthing or gratitude. Our symbiotic relationship with Mama Earth is magical; as we notice how she provides home + resources + beauty for us, we can learn how to take care of her too.  The changing climate is a issue that will affect us all, though creating simple daily actions to help give back to the natural world one way we can play our role! Lets nourish the planet holistically by little steps each day!

Check out these tips and posts on how you can get earthy!





Lets Get Earthy Blog Posts:

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