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About Wendy

Learn a little more about my healing  journey and who I am as a person! 

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The Goddess of Sunshine smiling in the sunshine with greenery behind her.
Wendy sitting outside in the garden smiling.

My Wheelchair to Warrior Journey

Hi my name is Wendy and I went from wheelchair to warrior. I went from self neglect to self love. I went from diming my light to now allowing myself to SHINE! 

My journey hasn't been linear or straight forward....but that's okay because its mine; its made me who I am today! I was born 8 weeks premature. Seizures, a weakened immune system and chronic pain were parts of my every day life from a baby to high school. I didn't know anything different so that was my "normal". When I was 12,  I threw out my back, this led to the lose of feeling in my back, legs, and feet. For the next year and a half I searched for answers of why this happened. I spent this time in bed or using a wheelchair for assistance. My mobility was limited for the next several years. During a one off MRI's on my brain, it was determined I had Chiari. 

I was born with Chiari Malformation Type 1; occurs when the section of your skull containing a part of your brain (cerebellum) is too small or is deformed, thus putting pressure on and crowding your brain. Essentially, my brainstem was in my spinal column. The joke is I had too much brain to contain...

After my decompression brain surgery I was still very weak and did not experience increase of mobility or energy. Realizing that western medicine was not supporting my healing I transitioned to a functional / holistic way of healing. From body talk + bio feedback, learning about whole food plant based nutrition, switching to herbal medicine, incorporating essential oils, and using only natural products, and more... These are just a few of the modalities that helped support my healing. My natural healing led to a change in lifestyle for me. 

After my healing I chose to focus all my time on others. This led to a cycle of self-neglect and burnout. 

In the past two years, since graduating college I have shifted the focus back inward. Realizing that serving others is only sustainable when starting from a full-cup that comes from within. 

I'm now in my groove! Feeling more confident, happy, and healthier than I have ever been! 

Life is a beautiful journey of growth, love, and expansion thanks for reading & being on mine <3 


Fun Facts About Wendy: 

  • I'm a tree hugging, reggae dancing, 70s style girl! I was born and raised in SoCal by the beach.  

  • Environmental + social justice activism is a huge part of who I am and what I devote my time advocating  and educating others on

  • My spiritual expansion and Jewish roots keep my spirit fluid yet nurtured

  • I geek out on nutrition + science podcasts and prefer TV over movies

  • I grow many of my own fruits + veggies in my backyard 

  • A perfect day for me is in the sunshine with my fur babies (3 yorkies), listening to great music, and eating yummy plant-based food

  • I love sports, vegan mayo, and going to sleep early


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How I can help tap into your sunshine!

Digestive Wellness + Intuitive Eating

Designing Healthy Habits Best For Your Lifestyle 

Healthy Cooking + Meal Planning

Sustainable & Holistic Living 

Creating The Right "Nourishment Recipe" For You

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